Installation Photos

garden beforeplay area

Ratcliffe on Trent

Better than Grass has installed our Premier grass to add interest to this area, it has been laid and fastened directly onto slabs

synthetic grass gardenartificial synthetic garden

July 2011

Our Premier grass has been installed at the location in Lincoln to provide an elderly couple with two low maintenance areas.

synthetic grassartificial grass


Our Premier grass has been installed to provide a low maintenance area rather than the need to mow every week in the summer months.

synthetic grass

Better than Grass have just installed our lifestyle product at a nursery in Tuxford to meet with the demands of a client who needed an area which could be used all year round for small children - December 2010

play area

BTG LifeStyle which has the appearance of a kept lawn plus added durability has been installed in Retford Nottinghamshire  - October 2010

artificial grass

Nursery Lawn Installation

Better Than Grass have just installed a lawn for a nursery in Huddersfield of 50m2 of our premier grass.

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